What’s Going On?

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Hey guys!

So… I’m finally doing this. It feels so surreal. Dressed Lilies is up! It’s actually real now!

Well, I’m sure you all want to know what this is, why I’m doing whatever it is, and how it’s going to work. At least, you’ll be wondering that last question by the time I’m done explaining what this is.

So. Question numero uno. “WHAT IS THIS?”

This is Dressed Lilies. Dressed Lilies is a store with modest clothes and quality crochet, and soon I’ll be adding beading and pyrography once I can perfect my craft.

Now, when I say “crochet”, for those of you who haven’t done it, what pops into your head? Probably vintage doilies and that kind of thing, right? Well, that’s not all there is. Oh, no. I’ve made pillow cases, bags, and cup cozies. Also LOTS of amigurumi!!! (Some spell it amigarumi, but that’s wrong.) And that’s just all I can think of right off. But there’s also skirts, shirts, swimsuit cover-ups, blankets, and many others.

I hear a question… let me think… “WHAT IS AMIGURUMI?”

Well, browse around and find out. (Hint: It will say Amigurumi.)

I also work in modest clothes, a stock item that is sadly lacking in stores today, if I may be so bold. Oh, I don’t deny you can find them, but it’s not easy.

The beading and pyrography… well, that’ll come.


Question number two: “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?”

The answer to that… well, it’s a little long. It’s a dream implanted in my mind and heart by God Himself ever since clothes shopping started posing more of a problem. Namely, one time in particular. We had (finally) gotten together a (rather small) armful of clothes. By the time we were done in the dressing room, it had been narrowed down to about… two items. And that was just based on modesty!

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are stores and brands out there that produce modest clothes. (LOVE MY JEANS AND WORKOUT TEES!) There are also certain tricks I’ve learned to bring about my goals. (Tank-tops are a life-saver!)

However, when you are able to narrow an armful of clothes down to two, based on the fact that everything is either too low, too short, or basically transparent… yeah, there’s something wrong. Because apparently I don’t have enough church camp, reading program, and workout shirts to last me the summer… or because none of those worked for church at that point.

Anyway, forgive me that rabbit trail. I was about to pull out my hair at that point, and basically just said, “what the hey is wrong these days? Why can’t I find any shirts that work?” And my mother, (my anchor in these moments) just goes, “what you gonna do about it?”

Dun-dun! The heavens opened, choirs sang, trumpets blew, and I instantly knew what to do, right? HAHAHAHA no. This idea… well, the Israelites had to wander forty years, David was constantly on the run, Moses was a wanted man, Ruth was a widowed alien with a bitter mother-in-law… let’s just say God’s plans are hardly ever easy. (Like, really.) But years, idea revivals, knots, and lots of other stuff later, God has once again proven that His promises are trustworthy and if He puts a dream on your heart that lasts through the trials of this life, He’ll bring it to fruition. As I heard recently: His will, His bill.

So, short answer? Because God told me to and it’s never suggested to deny the Almighty.

Longer answer? Because God works miracles to get His will done.

Essay answer? Read above.


So, third question: “HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked.

1.) I will post pictures of the items and their price, measurements, available colors/different details, in stock or not, made to order/custom orders available, and any other important information.

2.) You can come browse any time and, if you find something you like, send me an email at dressedlilies@gmail.com with what it is, what color you want, and that sort of thing.


2.) If you don’t see what you want available, but know what it is you want, shoot me an email at the address given above. Include picture (if available), where you found the idea (if available), measurements, color, and anything else you deem necessary.

In either case, please include when you need it by. I will mainly be working on a first-come, first-served basis, but if someone needs an item by next week, it will take precedence over an order placed in May for next Christmas.

3.) I mail the item, we do the money exchange through PayPal, and we part ways happy.


Shipping is an interesting little wrench in the otherwise neat plumbing of this site. (Maybe not the best analogy, but I stand by it.) So, here’s what we’re going to do. For your first item shipping will be $4. For every item after, it will be $1.50. For Veterans or if you consider yourself a senior citizen (I retain the right to veto that title. (;  ) shipping is free. If I mention something else in the item’s description, that trumps this.


Can’t wait to serve!